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Faith. Earth. Biromantic Asexual. INFJ. Ravenclaw. Musician. Writer. Feminist. Gamer. Pessimist. Dreamer. Lover of space. Main interests include: Whedonverse, Harry Potter, Tolkien, Mass Effect, Star Trek, Disney, musicals, etc. Bangel is my OTP.

MU:13 | r U scared 2 Invoke:nforce [Kin:folk]... Your OWN NaturAL Bla.eKEMET.eKAT:om.eKAT:Power [Holy Grail]?? 4 Your Sirius Bla.eKAquat.eKA’Hi:teK MELanin is MagicKAL :::Pooof::: K-OS

∆Night falls with gravity, the earth turns from sanity, taking my only friend I know, he leaves a lot, his name is hope∆ Semi-Automatic - Twenty One Pilots