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An Easy Way to Start a New Permaculture Garden article from Permaculture

New to permaculture? Here is a super easy and straightforward way of preparing the ground for a permaculture garden.

The Permaculture movement has grown from thinking at the Connection-Based Terrain Of Consciousness (Circle). #Ten Terrains #Circle

Permaculture -- I need to sit down and read this article. And I love the drawing. I wish *my* backyard looked like that!

Permaculture is a design method based on ecological principles, founded in the '80s in Australia by Bill Mollison and Dave Holmgren. The focus is on the creation of high quality, sustainable human habitats. It can be applied at many levels of scale, from garden and landscape design to site planning, the integration of agriculture and forestry and urban/rural design.

How would you explain permaculture to people who have never heard of it? Most of the time, when someone asks me what permaculture is, I say that it’s a holistic, ecological design system based on core principles and ethics. Permaculture is an approach that can help us close loops, reduce waste, and create new economies.

Permaculture summed up nicely. If you like this sort of thing, check out

Permaculture is...

permaculture. There seems to be two distinct approaches to permaculture. One is spiritual and one is practical. I take the practical approach. As a Christian I choose to interpret the spiritual approach through the biblical mandate of stewardship of God's creation and not a worship of that creation.

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