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18 Reasons Your Startup Failed, Visualized

What determines whether a startup finds success or failure? #Infographic #Startups

When opting for a cash advance, it’s crucial that you always only apply for an amount that you can easily pay back. That means that if you have a paycheck of $400, and the total cost of your cash advance with all the tackled on fees and interest rates is going to be close to that you may find yourself having a hard time making repayment, and everyone knows that failure to make repayment can certainly be damaging for your financial situation.

What brands are using Pinterest well? posted on Quora - Great feedback from other Pinterest users.

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Kickstarter failures revealed! (infographic)

Good infograph for you Kickstarters. Failure focused but where have you ever seen a business model where you can make a product successful and a 50% success rate. And, have you seen some of the videos? I would expect based on the hundreds that I have watched something like 85% failure ratio. Great Stuff.

Did you know, 30% of small businesses are continually losing money and only 9% have a chance of surviving 10 years? View this infographic to find out more.

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Entrepreneurship: Risks You Need to Consider (Infographic)

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Will The Relics Of Myspace, Friendster, Orkut, Digg And Xanga Rise Again in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Will The Relics Of Myspace, Friendster, Orkut, Digg And Xanga Rise Again in 2014 #infographic #socialmedia

Find your passion and let it kill you, and you will surely turn out to be successful someday

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100 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Simplify life:

When malware strikes: How to clean an infected PC. Snuffing out viruses and malware is serious business. Here's how to diagnose, treat, and protect an ailing PC. By Lincoln Spector, PC World May 30, 2013 10:42 AM ET

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18 Reasons Your Startup Failed, Visualized

1: Forgetting the Wozniak to your Jobs. 2: Not being based in Silicon Valley.

Infographic - 10 Rules To A Great Startup Idea. If you can check off the items below, you have a much higher chance of your startup being successful.

Infographic – 8 Successful Companies That Didn’t Start That Way. An important factor for new entrepreneurs is the ability and willingness to change your business model or product if necessary. This infographic shows eight successful startups that ended up doing something different from the original idea (and it’s a pretty impressive list!).


18 Great Business Mantras for Entrepreneurs

18 Great Business Mantras for Entrepreneurs - #entrepreneur #startups

Infographic - How To Keep Your Startup Afloat. Scalability is the cornerstone of your startup.