"Aí eu vou deitar e rolar nos lençois Maranhenses. Seguindo a linha do mar... Vendo passar em suspense...As dunas de areia alvinha..." National Park of Lençóis Maranhenses Barreirinhas - Maranhão

Lençóis Maranhenses #brazil #southamerica

Jericoacoara Beach, Brazil

Lencois Maranhenses National Park, Brazil

White Sands Desert Dunes in New Mexico

Aerial view of sand dunes in Lençóis Maranhenses , Maranhao, Brasil. National Geographic.

Marina Bay Sands Sky Park. Singapore

Lençois Maranhenses, Maranhão, Brasil


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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Yosemite National Park

Derweze, also known as the door to hell, is a 70 meter wide hole in the middle of the Karakum desert in Turkmenistan. The hole was formed in 1971 when a team of soviet geologists had their drilling rig collapse when they hit a cavern filled with natural gas. In an attempt to avoid poisonous discharge, they decided to burn it off, thinking that the gas would be depleted in only a few days. Derweze is still burning today.

Amaaazing-- Norway

Isalo National Park, Madagascar


Situ Gunung Natural Park, Sukabumi, Indonesia

Komodo Island National Park, Indonesia

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Havasu Falls Plunging over majestic red rocks and pooling into milky, turquoise water, it's easy to see why Havasu Falls is one of the most photographed waterfalls in the world. It helps that the location is deep within breathtaking Grand Canyon National Park, where the waters eventually converge with the mighty Colorado River.