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    • Kelsey Keddington

      Pumpkin Roll - @Amy Diekevers your recipe is slightly different but this is the BEST fall dessert EVER!

    • Emily Pomainville

      Pumpkin Roll~ 3 eggs 1 c sugar 2/3 c mashed cooked yams 3/4 c flour 1 tsp b-powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1/2 tsp ginger 1/2 tsp nutmeg 1/2 c chopped pecans (opt) 1 tsp lemon juice powdered sugar. Oven 375 line pan with wax paper (grease and flour) Beat eggs- 3-5min. Gradually add sugar. Add all up to nutmeg. Add yams and lemon then spread into pan and top with pecans. Bake 15 min and then roll and let chill. Unroll and spread filling, re roll. Filling: 6 oz cream cheese 4 tbsp margarine 1 c powdered sugar 2 tbsp oj. NEED PIC!

    • Jessalyn Kincaid

      Pumpkin Roll - pumpkin cake around cream cheese filling. yummmmm

    • K M

      Pumpkin Cake Roll. Delicious dessert for the Holiday

    • Jennifer Lott

      Pumpkin Roll... one of my favorite fall desserts

    • elisabet nielsen

      Pumpkin Recipes Pumpkin Roll Lilly Childers

    • Kathleen Angus Harriott

      It's that time of year for pumpkin cake roll

    • Leah Hughes

      Pumpkin roll. I LOVE festive foods (:

    • Ginger Smith Bailey

      26 Sep 2011, 9:41am Sweet: cake cinnamon cloves cream cheese cream cheese frosting ginger maple syrup nutmeg pumpkin roll-up cake vanilla by Megan (megabite) 8 comments Blogroll Hungry Girl Por Vida I Love Muffins JD Makes Things Joy the Baker Pumpkin Roll Until yesterday, I’d never made a successful pumpkin roll. I was in charge of bringing one to Thanksgiving about 3 years ago. I made one, and it ripped when I rolled it. So I made another one, and that one ripped too. I wrapped up the mangled pumpkin roll. Put it in a cooler and drove to Thanksgiving. Needless to say, it was one ugly dessert, and I think the kids were scared of it. So when my mom came over this weekend, and suggested making a pumpkin roll, I knew it was meant to be. I knew that with my mom here it’d come out looking good. But yeah! I totally get it now. You have to let it cool, but not until it’s cold, or it’ll rip for sure. And you have to have cake patience because you have to take the wax paper off slowly, and roll it up in the towel even slower. So happy fall! Let’s eat pumpkin roll for every meal, want to? Pumpkin Roll Recipe from my Mom Ingredients: cake- 3 eggs 1 cup sugar 2/3 cup pumpkin 1 t ginger 1/2 t nutmeg 2 t cinnamon dash of cloves 3/4 cup flour 1 t baking powder 1/2 t salt cream cheese filling - 1 cup powdered sugar 6 oz. cream cheese softened 3 T butter 1/2 t vanilla scant 1 T pure maple syrup Direction: Preheat your oven to 350°F. Spray a jelly roll baking sheet (15.5″ x 10.5″) with cooking spray. Line with wax paper and spray again (don’t forget the sides). Set aside. Beat eggs on high speed for 5 minutes, or until frothy. Add sugar and mix until combined. Stir in pumpkin, spices, flour, baking powder, and salt. Spread in prepared jelly roll pan, and smooth as much as you can. Bake for 25-30 minutes, or until cake springs back when gently pressed in the center. While the cake is baking, generously sprinkle a kitchen towel with powdered sugar. Remove the cake from the oven and turn out onto the sprinkled towel. Peel away the wax paper, and roll cake and towel up together (roll up the shorter side, not the long side or you’ll have one long skinny pumpkin roll, like in the photos above) to cool for 30 minutes or until mostly cool, but not cold. Make the cream cheese filling, by beating the powdered sugar, cream cheese, butter, vanilla, and maple syrup together. Unroll and spread with filling. Re-roll up and sprinkle with powered sugar. Slice and serve, or wrap in plastic wrap and chill until time to serve.

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