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honeycomb...when I was a kid, my great uncle had bees and we always had a comb of honey on the table.

Birks is proud to support honey bee conservation. | Birks for bees

Our Bee Room with Have Honey, Lip balms, body lotions, hair clips, bee's wax products galore- so awesome!

honey- Wouldn't it be neat to actually go out and collect the honey comb from the trees and then get to eat it ? yepp its going on my to do list

Pure Honey is actually one of the easiest and best ways to exfoliate your face into glow. Just put some on after a shower when the skin had been soaked for a while and let it sot for 10 minutes.

Disinfect a Wound with Honey -- No Neosporin in the house? Dab the cut with honey before covering it with a bandage. Believe it or not, honey has powerful antibacterial properties. A study in the Archives of Surgery found that honey is capable of destroying almost all strains of the most common wound-infecting bacteria.

Honey and walnuts is such a good combination, drizzled over spreadable brie, on French bread!

What an absolute luxury. (A bee goes out to forage for honey, visiting 100 flowers each trip out of the hive, making approximately 10 trips per day, for each day of her whole life - as a forager.. her life is only about 4 weeks.. She literally works herself to death... for one to two teaspoons, at most, of honey. And I don't think she thought all that effort would end up in a human gullet.)

It has never been easier to cut out refined white sugar from your diet! Here are 10 sweet alternatives :) #skinnyms #healthyideas