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Spring Bulletin Board Ideas for the Classroom

Many ideas for different boards - fun and colorful

Interactive Bulletin Boards--Great site for finding ideas for interactive math bulletin boards (mostly middle school and high school). Their 5 basic requirements: 1) It has to be EDUCATIONAL. 2) It has to be FUN. 3) It has to be INTERACTIVE. 4) It has to have an accompanying WORKSHEET. 5) It has to count for CREDIT, either normal or extra. LOVE THIS!

Awesome website I just found while doing homework!! It has interactive bulletin boards for various math topics! I'm super excited to get my own classroom now!

This bulletin board requires that the students take 10 free throws at the basket ball hoop. They will need to do this in order to achieve an 11th score need to complete the worksheet. They will also need to get the other 10 scores off the scoreboard.

Students will pick the amount of yardage they want to try to go for. Much like Jeopardy, the higher the yardage, the tougher the question. The choices are 5 yards, 10 yards, or 15 yards. They then answer the question. If they get it correct, that team’s ball is moved that amount of yards toward their goal. For example if Team A answers a 10 yard question correctly, their ball can be moved 10 yards closer to the goal. The object of the game is to earn the most touchdowns.

great site for math bulletin board ideas. These are all secondary, but you can get some great ideas for elementary.

A bunch of school counseling bulletin boards! The Angry Birds one reminds me of the time I spent at my elementary internship :)