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This bulletin board requires that the students take 10 free throws at the basket ball hoop. They will need to do this in order to achieve an 11th score need to complete the worksheet. They will also need to get the other 10 scores off the scoreboard.

Students love to play MATHO! This activity includes instructions, MATHO cards, a student worksheet, answers to scatter, and an answer key for the teacher. I use this in my classroom as a test review. Topics: reducing fractions, multiplying binomials, factoring polynomials, factoring by grouping, factoring equations, solving word problems by factoring CCSS: A-SSE

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Students see how simplifying expressions using the order of operations is related to solving two-step equations. Order of operations is like putti...

TOPIC: Recursive Formulas for Sequences

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Birds for the wall

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TOPIC: Solving Quadratic Equations

TOPIC: Surface Area

Students will pick the amount of yardage they want to try to go for. Much like Jeopardy, the higher the yardage, the tougher the question. The choices are 5 yards, 10 yards, or 15 yards. They then answer the question. If they get it correct, that team’s ball is moved that amount of yards toward their goal. For example if Team A answers a 10 yard question correctly, their ball can be moved 10 yards closer to the goal. The object of the game is to earn the most touchdowns.

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Middle School Math Bulletin Board - Think YOU don't need math? If you want to be a(n)...

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