The Big Apple❤

Time Square, New York City

Named after the 'New York Times', which moved here in 1924, Times Square is a vibrant, neon-lit area in the heart of the Theater District. Times Square remains the city's favorite venue for New Year's Eve, where a huge street party is highlighted by a glitter ball dropped from Times Tower.

Magnificent Sunset NYC

Broadway “ NYC...I would love to go back and see another show!

NYC. Harlem Brownstones


NYC... i love the color areas so easy to see and know where areas are located on manhatten island

NYC. When fog lifts away from the city

Broadway NYC

New York City - Times Square

Go to Broadway. #NYC #Bucket list #Before I Die



Really any metropolis such as new york has a sense of appeal in my eye, but New york City in general always pop up in my mind as a beautiful place, during the day and at nite. I love the vibe that the city life has to offer and i consider that something to be "beautiful" in its own rite.

broadway, nyc

NYC. Old days, old colours

Once upon a time, I went to New York to see the ball drop in Times Square, but we didn't follow through with it, because my mom was afraid of the crowd... So this is a must-do.

Woolworth Building

NYC!!! Going with the girls in December; can't wait to see NYC all dressed up for the holidays!