One of my favorite Donna moments.

Every bit as important.

Why I love Donna.

Donna WIN!

Donna... lol

Everyone love's Donna!!

The Doctor's Daughter

All in one man :)

Oh, Donna

I loved Donna.

I miss Donna.

River and Donna were awesome together.

- Donna Noble

Doctor Donna

The Doctor. This is the most beautiful description of Doctor Who I've ever read. I've often tried to explain why Doctor Who means what it does to me, but I've failed. But Moffat got it out. Doctor Who is about a hero that we should all aspire to be like, a hero that travels around, influencing everything from the lifespan of galaxies to the minds of his friends. That's the show.

Donna Noble

Companions - Doctor Who. Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, River Song, Amy Pond and Clara Oswald.

be kind, do good, and change the world.

Donna and Eleven