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    • Courtney Martin

      "There are times when I relate to donna on a spiritual level"<<<< me too person who wrote that comment, me too.<<< First off I'm not alone in this. And second that is why I love our fandom

    • Margaret Kaiser

      There are times I can relate to Donna on a spiritual level

    • Rose Parkway

      "There are times I relate to Donna Noble on a spiritual level."

    • Faintly Macabre

      There are times when I relate to Donna on a spiritual level. #doctorwho

    • Gracie Lang

      Heh... Donna. I got in a lot of trouble and my mom was shouting at me and I simply said your not going to make the world any better by shouting at it (keep in mind my mom doesn't watch Doctor Who) and she just looked at me like "did you really just quote one of your little fandom things at me!" then she walked away and under her breath she said " But I can try" and I just burst out laughing

    • Emily Donnelly

      "There are times when I relate to donna on a spiritual level." --> Donna is my spirit animal!!

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