Another beautiful henna design really want henna done for my sweet sixteen

Bucket list: travel to India and get a henna tattoo maybe not in india henna tattoos is only dye made out of fruit and veggies so it washes off

I can check this off my list. I have done it twice and hopefully I can do it again in the future!!!

Donate Hair to Cancer Patients

Help others by donating hair to cancer patients. NOT just cancer patients need hair. childrenwithhairloss donate hair FOR FREE to kids of all types of medical illnesses until they are

Bucket list: fly to a destination of my choice in a private jet! - Done

Fly in a Private Jet

Bucket list: fly to a destination of my choice in a private jet! I could fly to Vegas and lose all my money. A private jet would be pretty awesome

that would be the coolest thing ever.


well my goal was all 6 Habitable ones! bucket list before i die

i don't have babies or kids, so if i could...i would take care of them..and even teenages, young adults (i'm 39)..and have slumber parties & dress up & they could tell me all their problems and we'd have tea parties & enjoy life! ~♥~

I love this picture of a group of girls and their dresses and corsages for prom. So colorful!

In a decade or so I would love all of this

We've already done most baby,dog,kissunder water,chopsticks,middle of the road and the gingerbread house.

I will in 2 months!!! Then off to OSU!! Go Beavs!!!

9 of The Coolest Countries

I want Bucket. I want to go back to school this year, so that I can graduate from college. I hate that I had to quit.

Bucket list: Attend a masquerade

Masquerade balls are events where people attend in a costume wearing a mask. These masks were used to conceal or hide the identity of the .