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Ruddy Shelduck, Tadorna ferruginea, is found in Asia, Africa, and Europe. In India it is called the Brahminy duck.

Banded Kingfisher - Yahoo Canada Image Search Results

Banded Kingfisher - Yahoo Canada Image Search Results

Cennet Kuşu

The European bee-eater (Merops apiaster) is a near passerine bird in the bee-eater family Meropidae. It breeds in southern Europe and in parts of north Africa.



Colorful Birds -Hummingbirds are so tiny and beautiful.

27 + Beautiful and Colorful Bird Types from Around the World that You Should Know

White morph Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Terpsiphone paradisi) in India by Doraiswamy Swethadri. This beautiful bird inspires me!


Gallery – Birds In Flight

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Greater Bird of Paradise / Most of this species are found in New Guinea and its satellites, with some in the Maluku Islands and eastern Australia.

Good shot

Good shot

Araripe Manakin

The Araripe Manakin, Antilophia Bokermanni, is a critically endangered bird from the family of Manakins (Pipridae).: It was discovered in 1996 and scientifically described in 1998 in Brazil.

Blue-eared kingfisher. The usual habitat is pools or streams in dense evergreen ...

Blue-eared Kingfishers (Alcedo meninting) are found in Asia, ranging across the Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Chinese Golden Pheasant | Top 10 Rare Colorful Birds Around the World.

Chinese Golden Pheasant - Photo by Paul Bratescu ~ for my father. He would have loved this bird!

The Red-crested Turaco (Tauraco erythrolophus)

The Red-crested Turaco, Tauraco erythrolophus, is a turaco, a group of African near-passerines. It is a fruit-eating bird endemic to western Angola. Its call sounds somewhat like a jungle monkey. Photo by Earl Reinink

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The Temminck's Tragopan (Tragopan temminckii) is a medium-sized pheasant in the genus Tragopan. It is indigenous to the forests of Northern South Asia, from North East India, North West Vietnam, Tibet and Northern provinces of China.