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This homeless guy survives by picking up women. Is he for real?

Give in faith and watch what God does with your generosity. Prayer: Dear Lord, I want to give to others our of a good and generous heart. Show me the way. Amen. Reflection: Where is God leading you to give?

if one day you lose everything, that day you will know how many real friends you have..

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Thought for the day - Monday - is about compassion and what we as an individual can do to help others in need and are hungry and homeless. Put yourself in the place of deprived, feel how they feel, visualise the utter despair, then think what could I do.

Have you noticed most homeless people have a dog? Does make you think. I think we all need someone. A dog is comfort and loving on cold lonely nights. They don't care what you have. All they want is to be cared for. That is the same as some of us,

Today I saw a homeless man with a broken leg. He had a wheelchair for himself, but instead he was using it for his dog. This melted my heart that he could be in pain and yet still give his only way of relief to his dog. This restores my faith in humanity.