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Many a times, you will find that online experts as well as gurus often focus on then need and importance of choosing website monitoring. To them, website monitoring is pretty importance when it comes to running a business.

This tool allows users to monitor their server or website through external check functions like Ping, HTTP and more.

Server monitoring is much bigger than website monitoring. Monitoring a server can be done internally or externally based on your requirement parameters. Server monitoring tool is responsible for monitoring the availability of the server along with the entire server performance metrics such as CPU consumption, disk space, memory consumption, temperature and fan status etc.

When you receive a downtime notification, it usually comprises with the following – a start and end time, the location where people had experienced it and the problem causing the downtime. We agree that this piece of information is not enough to take an immediate action. But if you have an access to do a detailed analysis of the problem that causing the downtime then you can easily work on it in order to resolve it.

When you are running a website, the worst thing that you can expect is downtime. In fact, it can be rightly said that downtime issues are a potential threat to your business. Even major websites and search engines like Google come into terms with downtime issues which can turn out to too fatal for your website. In fact, even giant websites cannot take up outages issues. Hence, downtime is certainly a major issue that needs to be curbed so as to make your website run successfully.

Ask any online expert and they’ll perhaps help you with the same piece of advice “Monitor your website and run your business successfully”. More simply, you need to make sure that your website is live and responds well when your clients try to access it. But then, things may not always go as you had expected them to go. For example, your web page can go down or crash down. Besides, there may be situations when your website experiences network issues.

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Monitoring the health of the server turns out to be a great option, particularly if you are running a business online. However, if you want to keep off from immediate failure and make sure that the server is functioning at its best, then you can resort to server monitoring solutions.

Website downtime is a serious issue that can easily become a nightmare for the website owner. After all, with persistent downtime problem you are likely to come into terms with various issues including loss of leads, sales, money as well as memberships.