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    Venus Transit - 2013.

    • Sherry McLean

      Runaway greenhouse that could lead to evaporation of the oceans easier to trigger on Earth than previously thought. NBC 20130729

    • Alton Parrish

      The Venus Spectral Rocket Experiment (VeSpR, PI John Clarke, Boston U.) launched successfully from White Sand Missile Range. VeSpR will study the present day escape of water from the atmosphere of Venus and relate it to the past abundance of water on Venus by measuring hydrogen (H) and the heavier, slower to escape, deuterated hydrogen (D) above 90 km on Venus.

    • Russell M Upol

      Photos of Venus, the Mysterious Planet Next Door | Venus Photos & Venusian Atmosphere | Venus Exploration & Missions

    • Adam Shinn

      False color image of Venus taken by a Galileo flyby in 1990.

    • Christy Parsons

      Sounding Rocket to Peek at Atmosphere of Venus | NASA

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