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    Dream Fragments Closeup 1 by a little bit of just because, via Flickr

    Don't like the beaded sash that came with my wedding dress... maybe use this rhinestone applique??

    I'm not a real big beader but this looks really nice, without being too difficult.

    Woven/braided woggle bracelet. Might have pinned this one already but that's because it is so cool :P

    1 - Fold the cord, but some should be short (slightly longer than the actual length of the bracelet, and the other at least 1.30 m., which is what will become the fabric. You tie a knot, where then hook the carabiner. Then you have two ends, the short and long. For each tuck the same number of balls (and figure you, depending on the ball and the size of the bracelet). 2-3 - Hold the short end, and you rolling (out) with the long ball from one side and one from the other upwards, zigzag, up to...

    this is a bracelet made of beads extracted from the seabed with said virgin de guadalupe cost is hundred pains

    Tuto bracelet - A utiliser sans modération... by ToutEnCouleur, via Flickr

    I like the idea of using a hinge to create a closing cuff bracelet like this! You could put anything on top of the hinged part.

    İNCİ KOLYE YAPIMI NaLaN' ın Dünyası nalan1907.blogspo... #nalan #diy #nlndnys #geridönüşüm