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Wine For Beginners : Friday Infographic

Buy a poster of the convenient Wine and Food Pairing infographic by Wine Folly. Create a perfect wine and food pairing every time with this handy chart.

Argentina Wine Map

Pinning fun - wine region maps around the world - South America Wine Regions Map

How To Host A Wine And Cheese Pairing Party (Ruche)

How To Host A Wine And Cheese Pairing Party - here's a pictogram to see what goes with what.

For the best tasting wine, following the proper storage and serving temperatures is crucial. Here's a guide to figuring out the correct wine temperatures. #winepairings #winetasting

Old vines of France

Interesting infographic on the grapes behind the famous wines of France. If you'd like some varietal french wines from the languedoc, look here:

Different Types of Wine

Buy a poster of the popular infographic 'Different Types of Wine'. Browse a comprehensive visual guide to all of the major types of wine by their flavor. An essential resource for learning about the flavors in wine.

How to Pair Chocolate With the Right Wine

Take a wine tasting class. How To Pair Wine and Chocolate. I have taken a wine tasting class and a chocolate tasting class.

Meet the Big Eight

These 8 grape varieties are referred to as the “Big because they are the best-known varieties throughout the world and have widespread appeal. They are also the most widely planted. Knowing a little about each of these varieties is a must. Club W

South Africa Wine Map

This may be the coolest wine website ever! They have several maps of wine regions across the world.

Grapes: Pinot Noir #infografía

Wine and Dessert pairing guide. Good to know! (Though in our opinion, wine can pair with just about anything.