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    Dokken produced some of the cheesiest videos of any of the 80's rock "hair bands", but they were one of the more talented rock bands of the era.

    Whitesnake. What can I say I love hair bands of the 80s

    Dead or Alive you spin me right round baby! my eldest son now 28 used to spin when he heard this great joy!!!

    Tommy Lee, Mötley Crüe

    Vince Neil, Mötley Crüe

    Pat Benatar

    Axl Rose, Guns 'N Roses

    Dee Snider, Twisted Sister

    Eddie Van Halen, Van Halen

    Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers - ZZ Top I don't consider them a hair band but it was in the 80's when I first heard them

    Kajagoogoo, who did score a hit with the catchy ‘Too Shy,’ but they should be in the history books for possessing the five worst hairstyles of the 1980s, with first place going to their bassist, Nick ‘The Poodle’ Beggs.

    Dust off that leather Guns & Roses jacket and lace up your high tops! DJ Rock Right has 30 minutes of hair and testosterone from the finest rock bands of the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s. It is straight up mullet madness as you look back at all the classics that gave the middle finger to pop music and banged their heads in rebellion.

    Great 80s hair band. Honeymoon Suite - Love Changes Everything (HQ music video)


    RATT - yep, I was an 80's hair band fan - to an extent!

    Bad Ass

    Def first concert. I was like 12. perhaps 13.

    Quiet Riot's "Mental Health" album is one LP that started the heavy metal hair band craze of the 80's

    All the good stuff from my favorite 80's hair band


    Usually the '80s bands I want to see are fluffy-haired leather pants wearing Sunset Strip hair metal bands. Not in this case. Metal Thrashing Mad!

    Cool 80s hair band and still going strong! In God We Trust...excellent album.

    Do they know it's Christmas? Ah, Band Aid~wow the 80's style and hair just made my christmas! love it!

    In high school, REO was my go-to band. This album, Hi Infidelity, was my all-time fave. New every word to every song. I'm sure I still do. When I rarely hear an REO song these days, it's an immediate flashback to the mid 80's with big hair!