If this is what's in the Army, I know where I'm going after highschool.....just sayin'

Oh. My. Gosh. Ladies and gentlemen my future husband!!!!! :)

alex o'loughlin

Channing Tatum. Yes.

Channing Tatum

MMM yuuuummyyy :))

Channing! Oh my!

Levine love

oh, hello

Channing tatum? i got some time for that tshirt – Shirtoopia I NEED THIS SHIRT!!!!!

♥ zefron!


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Channing Tatum

Oh Jake, stop it. ;)

I'm old enough to be his mother... But who the hell cares!!

oh hey there Channing...

Channing Tatum

im in love <3

Channing Tatum = amazinnnng!!!