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  • Steve Barnard

    Paul Gauguin: Two Tahitian Women (49.58.1) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  • Art Activate

    Two Tahitian Women, 1899, by Paul Gauguin. A French Post Impressionist and Primitivist, Gauguin moved to Tahiti and painted his obsession with Tahitian women. Influenced by folk art and Japanese prints, his style was labeled Cloisonnism after its flat paint treatment with bold outlines, reminiscent of medieval cloisonne enameling techniques.

  • Jane Rekas

    Spicy Autumn - The Sensuous Backpacker a deep autumn - painter Gaugin

  • SandraMDQ

    Two #Tahitian #Women | Paul #Gauguin #art #painting

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