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My interest in photography stems from many years of underwater photography. In recent years I have taken my sea legs to terra firma and have applied my underwater passions to all birds of a feather...

Silver-beaked Tanager - The silver-beaked tanager is a medium-sized passerine bird. This tanager is a resident breeder in South America from eastern Colombia and Venezuela south to Paraguay and central Brazil, and on Trinidad.

Scale-crested Pygmy Tyrant. It was given its name for the small crown-like ring of feathers on top of its head. It raises these feathers both to attract a mate and to seem larger when frightened. It is found in Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Peru

Please make the choice to be kind, compassionate, peaceful and loving to ALL animals. They are not "ours" to harm, enslave, exploit, kill, eat, etc. GO VEGAN - with so many plant-based alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs - it has never been easier!

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