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I love this picture because it captures his gorgeous eyes and that funny, amused attitude he always seems to have :)<couldn't have said it any better! (:

His a goof, kind and sweet and not afraid to be himself. I bet he would be the kind of guy you can just talk to and you know he loves you cause he just want to make you happy and be able to see your smile: Comment why you love Harry Styles below

what jesus why ..why what the frak y did u put this friggin gorgeous creature on this planet and make me look at pictures of EVERY day as a reminder that I willl NEVER get him? why why why ...?smh.. but thank you for his face and everything else you did a good job in the years 1991-1994

emily ◟̽◞̽ on

Everytime I see this picture, this pops into my head: "3, 6, 9, damn he's fine....." And BOOM go the ovaries!! His jawline though. I'm not okay. Fangirl down