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    Backyard Geniuses: 10 Incredibly Cool DIY Projects

    by Davin Coburn, Roy Berendsohn and James Schadewald, Eric Limer, Roy Berendsohn
    To create an incredibly cool contraption that the world had no idea it needed takes brilliance, determination and a healthy dose of crazy. The winners of our Backyard Genius Awards have all those q...
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    new gibbs quadski amphibious vehicle for reservoir and oxbow fishing | New Quadski: Will It Fish?

    Silveira-Customs-Personal-Watercrafts-2.jpg 580×281 pixels

    exo.JPG 530×297 pixels

    WESP - Personal Watercraft Concept by Daniel Bailey

    500q_CmKas_6943.jpg 550×326 pixels

    dolphin-hydrofoil-personal-watercraft_4_52.jpg 900×600 pixels

    brault_01.jpg 810×478 pixels

    personalwatercraft.jpg 450×338 pixels

    SeaDoo1.jpg 230×252 pixels

    Personal Watercraft

    Free Boat Plans Pdf

    Click to see fullsize image.

    barracuda - Hydrofoil Race Boat by Christoph Albiez at

    2_big.jpg 1,000×803 pixels

    Harley crate motor powered F-15 mini speed boat looks good

    Ski-Bird boat brochure pg 2 by Therese Kopiwoda, via Flickr

    All sizes | Ski-Bird boat brochure pg 2, via Flickr.


    StvHyFly.jpg 504×276 pixels : New and goes 32 knots - a Hydrofoil sailing boat

    DIY Projects - Cool DIY Engineering Projects - Popular Mechanics

    solar.jpg 768×424 pixels

    “Flying” Water Skis Ride On Hydrofoils


    hydrofoil-1.gif (19235 bytes)