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Lion cub & his mama. These images come from the zoo in Belgrade: in the foreground is a white lion cub just two days, embraced by his mother Kumba.

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Gorgeous leopard in the spotlight, by Expedition Leader & Wildlife Photographer, Marius Coetzee based in Durban, South Africa. He is also a Co-Founder of Oryx – Worldwide Photographic Expeditions

You! Go away!

Son has issues with dad." And "dad, you don't understand," in lion.

Felini/Leone(Panthera Leo):

Nap time for me dad. Okay son . Yes son you know I love you and look out for you. So you can go To sleep now. Thanks dad. Your welcome son.

Remember your mom cleaning your face with spit? And you said you'd never do it to your kids? My kids said the same thing. Etc, etc, etc.

The Tiny Tiger

Les Plus Belles Photographies de Lions (5)

Les Plus Belles Photographies de Lions

Photograph I said, no photos! by Klaus Wiese on Lion in Africa. this is what the spiritual enemy looks like. It's also what the enemy of the spiritual enemy looks like. The lion of the tribe of Judah. Only one will help or protect you choose wisely.

Manul, el abuelo de nuestros gatos domésticos Si quiere ver cómo eran los gatos en la antigüedad no le hace falta recurrir a reconstrucciones de fósiles. Actualmente sigue viva una especie que surgió hace unos doce millones de años, el manul o gato de Pallas (Felis manul).

Pallas' Cat (Felis manul), also known as the manul, is a small wild cat of Central Asia. It is about the size of a house cat (Otocolobus manul)

Funny pictures about The Face Of A True King. Oh, and cool pics about The Face Of A True King. Also, The Face Of A True King photos.

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Adventurous Lion Cubs: Question from cub on the bottom: "Are you sure Bro., that Mom & Dad gave us the okay to climb up here?" Answer from the middle cub: "YES Bro! Keep climbing!

Wake up dad! Lions

Lion dads are responsible for the protection and training of their cubs. Fatherhood often includes capturing prey that are too large for their offspring and protecting them from other lions. Come on Dad, you said you were gonna smouch them!

A Mother's Greatest Love Embracing Her Baby. There's Nothing Like a Snuggle From Mom at Pilanesberg National Park in South Africa--Photo by Gabriela Staebler in The Soul of Savanna: (How Wild Animals Feel).