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The fact that the way I would describe most people sounds insulting if I said it aloud doesn't really bother me at all because it just makes me feel like Sherlock. though I suppose it would bother most people around me.

Sherlock.. But that wouldn't make sense!  John saw him dead! John saw the blood.. How could Sherlock have died but then not have? Did he have an evil brother?! Was the evil brother moriarty?! No can't have been.. Then WHAT?! What was it?!  Gah! The anticipation is eating me alive.

Sherlock: "Theory how Sherlock survived the fall -- He was cushioned by his ego.Because you know Moffat's never going to say how he really did it.


better late than ugly ;) actually I usually just arrive ugly since I hate being late!

I KHAN'T stop laughing. *gets punched for sucky pun* I just. Too perfect. SO BEAUTIFULL...

Hold On, Let Me Switch Characters! All I thought while watching that part in star trek! Molly will bring me corpses!

yes i did

Lovely portraits of Sherlock characters. Zhang is just friggin fantastic. I highly recommend checking out the rest of her stuff on DeviantART (and Threadless too!