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Leather masks, a new option for masquerade masks—these masks are pliable and comfortable to wear. A pattern of cutout scrollwork adds to the attractiveness of the masks that come in four colors. Find these and more styles to please your customers’ tastes by clicking the link to wholesale Venetian style masks.

Men’s Venetian style masks—these Phantom of the Opera masks with an old world design have the masculine look men are comfortable with for masquerade. The crackled paint combines with scrollwork in silver or gold. Find the Venetian mask to satisfy your customers by following the link.

Il Capitano mask—A character from the commedia dell’arte inspires these Venetian style masks for your customers that want to go to masquerade in a macho mask. See more wholesale masks for men by clicking on the link.

Wholesale men's Venetian style mask

Wholesale Venetian style cat mask

Butterfly masquerade masks with vibrant color, appealing design, and cheap price that fill the needs of your customers throwing parties and needing bulk masks. Find more options in wholesale masquerade masks by following the link.

Wholesale masquerade eye mask

Wholesale masquerade masks with color

When your customers need bulk masks, these Venetian style masks offer a decent look with a variety of colors at a cheap price. Shop for more wholesale masks at low prices by following the link.

Masquerade mask on a stick—these wholesale masks have a number of color choices and an affordable low wholesale price. The masquerade mask is popular when bulk masks are needed—especially for proms and Quinceaneras. Follow the link to see color options.