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If Mephiles was in Sonic and the Black Knight I think I would be jumping up and down. This design is perfect for him!

Excalibur by Chejanea on deviantART - Sonic the Hedgehog - Sonic and the Black Knight - Excalibur Sonic - "It's over now."

447- "Well, I think I'll follow him. I'm gonna need energy if I'm gonna face Sonic tomorrow. You sure you don't mind me taking the other bed?" "Yeah I'm sure. I don't actually need sleep anyway. I'm fine in here. Night." "Ok. Night dude." Jet left and Shadow returned to his book. Eventually Shadow drifted off to sleep while reading. The next day Jet set out for the cafe. Sally was meeting him there for breakfast. "Hi Jet!" "Hey Sall! How are you this morning?" "Good. You?" "Great!"