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    #MeowMonday Quote of the Day: "Cat people are different to the extent that they generally are not conformists. How could they be with a cat running their lives?" ~Louis J. Camuti I love this quote, it is so me.

    So I'm learning so much about language, speech and development in my classes this semester and this hat has many examples of minimal pairs- changing one phoneme or sound in a word can change its entire meaning and infants (infants!!) can decipher between different phoneme like /p/ and /b/ wow to see how smart we are!

    Unlikely Friendships Wall Calendar: Celebrating extraordinary bonds formed by members of different species, Unlikely Friendships offers a fascinating glimpse into the emotional lives of animals both domestic and wild. $12.99

    Four cats in different poses.

    Love this idea of printing cake stand silhouettes on boxes to give the table different heights without needing that many stands.

    Pet Nutrition: Life Stages - Dogs and Cats Have Different Needs

    One of the Many Differences Between Dogs and Cats

    Devon Rex

    Autumn Sampler 1000 Piece Puzzle: An old fashion Autumn sampler shows different aspects of this season such as harvest time, back-to-school, and Thanksgiving. Artwork by Sandy Orton. This 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle measures 24" x 30" when complete. $14.99

    Different Point of View - Cheshire Cat

    Superstition has hurt pure black cats for so many years. They were and still called evil and associated with witches. An black cat deserves our love just like any other pet. Black is a colour and it means many things to different people, but a colour is still just a colour. Meanings can change, but animals can not.

    Sort the different kinds of donuts to form a Baker’s Dozen in this clever family card game. Players choose a donut card from their hand to add to one of three piles, being careful not to let the total go over a value of 13. $13.99

    Aye-aye captn!: Spangles, the crossed-eyes kitty, became an internet sensation after his owner, 25-year-old Mary Buchanan of South Carolina, regularly posted photos of the three-year-old cat in a variety of different costumes to Facebook

    Cozy with the cat? Not my Dachshunds. But, they were not raised with a feline companion, either! IMHO, that one thing alone ~ must make a significant difference in a dogs possible coexistence with a cat.... =]

    smokey cat eye. I feel like this isn't that different from what I do every day, but it looks pretty, so I'll try it and probably look exactly like I do every day.

    American Curl

    I love the idea, but I'd rather it in a different pattern. I could totally make this!

    Different Cat breeds.. I had no idea there was this many.

    I love this picture. I've seen it with lots of different captions but I like it because the puppy is looking at that cat so adoringly.

    Feeding Cats On Different Diets #cats #cat health and wellness

    beautiful!! I don't consider myself a "cat person", but when it comes to big cats, that's a different story.

    lol cats vs. dogs


    1950's cat eye glasses. Susie had a pair of these in a different color! shows you crazy funny pictures, served up one by one