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a leather-bound copy of otto hahn's 'portrait d'antonin artaud' (1968) accompanied by metal and plastic oval disks created by lucio fontana were confined within a painted wood sculpture

*what about a grid within a grid? making a giant 3-d grid?

Everything is connected - Life

Art Of The Book: Printed Pages Recast As Sculpture

Art Of The Book: Printed Pages Recast As Sculpture: Doug Beube. Using various power tools, he ground away parts of the cover and pages of The Dreams of Reason, boring holes that reveal rings of words not unlike the rings of tree trunks from which the paper came.

In the series Subliminal Messages, David Bunn searched the discarded card catalogue of the Los Angeles Central Library for cards that revealed human interaction with the catalogue. Scanning evidence of use – fingerprints, stains, tears and graffiti – he then transformed the evidence into large-scale prints.

Got a parcel in the post today - my contributor's copy of the Mesostic Interleaved book by Alec Finlay !

maurizio nannucci, "universum: volumes 1 & tim guest: "a book about the universe, but with the paradoxical twist that it is bound on each side, making it impossible to open.

simon cutts, "poinsettia" (1975), coracle press, london

Representing over forty artists and estates, David Zwirner is a contemporary art gallery active in both the primary and secondary markets.

Book Making, Artist's Book, Artists, Books

john latham, "book plumbing" (1967–)

erin thurlow, "the invisible man"

Louise Bourgeois: 10 essential artworks