Catherine de' Medici

The daughters of Henry VIII. Mary on the left and Elizabeth on the right. Note that Elizabeth is wearing an "A" pendant that belonged to her mother Anne Boleyn.

All six

Anne Boleyn Says a Final Goodbye to her Daughter, Princess Elizabeth by Gustaf Wappers, 1838.

Francis II of France & his wife Mary, Queen of Scots. (The double portrait was taken from Francis' mother, Catherine De Medici's "Book of Hours".)

Marie de Guise, mother of Mary Queen of Scots. Born:Nov. 22, 1515 – Died: June 1,1560. Eldest daughter of Claude of Lorraine, Duke of Guise, head of the House of Guise, and his wife Antoinette de Bourbon, herself the daughter of Francis, Count of Vendome, and Marie de Luxembourg.

The Lady Mary-daughter of Henry VIII and his first wife Catherine of Aragon

King James V of Scotland, son of Margaret Tudor, and Queen Marie de Guise, parents of Mary, Queen of Scots

Catherine de' Medici

♕ℛ. Catherine de' Medici and her children: Charles IX, Henry III, Francis the duke d'Alençon, and Margaret queen of Navarre.

Catherine di Medici

Tomb of Catherine Parr

The plaque at the final resting of Anne of Cleves.

Marriage of Tsar Nicholas II & Alexandra Feodorovna by Tuxen

Diane de Poitiers, Caterina's rival. ♕ℛ.

Grand Duchess Anastasia

Mary FitzAlan, Duchess of Norfolk, 1555, by Hans Ewoth

Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre with the very evil Catherine de Medici ordering the massacre of Huguenots

King John 1 1199 - 1216 Age about 32-49 Born: 24 December 1166 at Beaumont Palace : Oxford Parents: Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitaine Ascended to the throne: 6 April 1199 aged 32 years Crowned: 27 May 1199 at Westminster Abbey Married: 1) Isabella of Gloucester, (annulled 1199), (2) Isabella, Daughter of Count of Angouleme (French) Children: Two sons including Henry III, three daughters and several illegitimate children Died: 18 October 1216 at Newark Castle

Catherine Parr, sixth wife of Henry VIII