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Isabella of Castile was a shining example of queenship in the late medieval age. The blue-eyed, reddish-blonde haired, fair skinned Queen of Castile united the country of Spain with her husband, King Ferdinand II of Aragon as well as fearlessly led her soldiers into battle. Isabella was quite a woman – deeply religious and devout yet deviously ruthless; brave yet tender towards her children; a woman of many talents and who wielded extreme power.

The daughters of Henry VIII. Mary on the left and Elizabeth on the right. Note that Elizabeth is wearing an "A" pendant that belonged to her mother Anne Boleyn.


Mary, Queen of Scots, with Francis II

Francis II of France & his wife Mary, Queen of Scots. (The double portrait was taken from Francis' mother, Catherine De Medici's "Book of Hours".)

"Death Could Not Separate Them: How Elizabeth I Connected to Her Deceased Mother" on BeingBess Blog. LINK:

Children of the Lebensborn program, a eugenics project that took "genetically appropriate" children from occupied countries to be raised together as Nazi leaders.

King James V of Scotland, son of Margaret Tudor, and Queen Marie de Guise, parents of Mary, Queen of Scots

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Diane de Poitiers - Famous Royal Mistress

Diane de Poitiers, Caterina's rival. ♕ℛ.

Alice Roosevelt, Theodore Roosevelt’s eldest daughter, who not only cut her wedding cake with a sword, defied all the conventions of her day regarding women, and who  also had a pillow embroidered with her most famous quote on her couch; “If you haven’t got anything good to say about anybody, come sit next to me.” 1902

The three-meter-high Memorial dedicated to the Czar’s children is located on the premises of the Ganina Yama church complex where the remains of the imperial family executed by the Bolsheviks were found.

Maria Salviati de' Medici was the mother of Cosimo I, grand duke of Tuscany. The little girl holding her hand is probably Giulia de' Medici, who was left in Maria's care after the murder of her father, Duke Alessandro de' Medici. Duke Alessandro was born to a Medici cardinal and an African woman, so this portrait may be the first of an Afro-European girl in European art. The child was painted over sometime in the 19th century, and discovered when the painting was cleaned in 1937.

The first ever photograph of Queen Victoria! Taken in 1844, she is seen here with her eldest child, the Princess Royal. ♥

Elisabeth (isabella) of Valois, 1545-1568, eldest daughter of Henri II of France and his queen Catherine de' Medici. Married Philip II of Spain as his third wife at the age of 14. She had 2 surviving daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess of Austria and Catherine Michelle Duchess of Savoy. Died in childbirth.