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    • matilda mp

      Fashion History Costume 1555 Catherine de Medici

    • Creighton Barrell III

      1556 Catherine de Medici possibly by Agnolo Bronzino(?) This may be the most lavish dress ever portrayed. If Mikimoto had not developed cultured pearls, this pearl and sapphire dress could buy any air force a top-of-the line jet or a billionaire a big garage full of Ferraris in today's world. This portrait shows economic and political power married to each other. Besides being opulent, her gown is a tour-de-force in mid-century fashion. It has an early, conical, farthingale swelling from her hips, puffed and slashed false sleeves matching her kirtle, a French hood, and a full ruff made with an early form of lace such as point de Venise. According to Herbert Norris in Tudor Costume and Fashion, "The dress is of black velvet, entirely covered with a trellis-work of pearls, with sapphires in gold mounts set at the intersections; the spaces in between are embroidered with a design in gold. The full-busted bodice is close fitting at the sixteen-inch waist, and cut very wide at the neck opening, which is filled in at the sides with a quilted partelet of gauze with sapphires and pearls. A small upstanding collar of gauze, partly goffered and edged with lace, surrounds the sides and back of the neck, leaving the throat bare. The sleeves are turned back with ermine and have a square effect. The false sleeves are of pale pink satin, treated in the same manner as the underskirt, or kirtle, which is of the same color and material, and decorated with a trellis work similar to the over-dress, but enclosing embroidery of silver in a different design. The kirtle is widely distended over the Spanish farthingale. A girdle of pearls and sapphires is connected down the front, emphasizing the decided long point to the waist line of the bodice, and terminating in a beautiful cross ornament of gold set with sapphires and pearls. The French hood, decorated with the same gems, but without the tubular part, is worn, and the queen holds in her right hand a large fan of ostrich tips, fixed to a rigid handle of gold set with jewels to match her dress."

    • Amy Gagnon-Playfair

      Catherine de' Medici. Queen Consort of King Henry II of France, became regent for her sons King Francis II and Charles IX and remained a powerful force during the reign of her 3rd son Henry III. The reign of her sons was a time filled with religious and political revolt and although considered ruthless, she was also 1 of the mst powerful women of the 16th century.

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    Lorenzo de’ Medici. De facto ruler of Florence, patron of the arts, politician, diplomat, and an awesome person. Not nicknamed ‘the Magnificent’ for nothing. He wasn’t what you’d think of as handsome (that was his brother, Giuliano). But, doesn't he look like Hugh Heffner?

    Giulia Romola di Alessandro de' Medici[1] (c. 1535 – c. 1588) was the illegitimate, possibly biracial,[2] daughter of Alessandro de' Medici, Duke of Florence and his mistress Taddea Malaspina.

    Virginia, daughter of Cosimo I was married to Duke Cesare v. Modena 1586, died 1615

    Eleonora de’ Medici by Lavinia Fontana (Dorotheum)

    Bianca Capello de'Medici (1548 - 1587) by Alessandro Allori Bianca Capello de'Medici wears a dress with false sleeves, again revealing Spanish influence, and the Italian ruff-collar. Her hanging sleeves and false sleeves show Spanish influence. Her gown has a vee or rounded vee waistline.

    Eleonora de' Medici (February 28, 1567[1][2] – September 9, 1611) was the eldest child of Francesco I de' Medici and Johanna of Austria. She was a family member of the famous House of Medici.

    Francesco and Caterina de Medici by Cristofano Allori

    Possibly Lucrezia de' Medici by Botticelli, 15th century.

    Portrait of Laudomia de' Medici - Agnolo Bronzino

    Marie de Medici, 1590s

    Eleanora de Medici

    Catherine de Medici

    Isabella de Medici by Allori.

    Portrait of Maria de\' Medici

    Isabella de Medici by Agnolo Bronzino

    catherine de medici

    Lorenzo de' Medici

    Catherine de' Medici

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    Lucrezia de Medici

    Catherine de Medici.

    Catherine de' Medici

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