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Luger P-08. The genius of Georg Luger will always be reflected in his famous pistol, adopted for military service in 1908, hence the name Pistole 1908 or P-08.

WWII German Luger - I want this pistol more than any and a million or so other gun enthusiasts.

Luger Parabellum P08 -- One of the most popular handgun of all time used by the Germans in World War I and World War II. One of the most popular collectors' pistols.

P-38 Pistol– While the Luger or Parabellum pistols were the gun that Germany took to WWI, our GOTD, the P-38 was the handgun that saw them through WWII. Offering the same eight-shot magazine capacity, this 9mm was a double-action design. Our example was made by Speerwerke in Berlin under the secret wartime code “cyq.” Another wartime expedient were the plastic grip panels and due to chemical shortages, these grips often exhibit great color variations.

This is a Mauser-made P.08 commercial contract Luger marked and delivered to the Persian military. The Shah's crown and lion are on the chamber, and the toggle is marked “Mauser” in Farsi. The factory delivered about 2,000 pistols under a 1936 order (split between four-inch regular and eight-inch "artillery" barrels). These examples are considered very rare.

Figure 3. Cross section of Luger pistol, showing action of toggle joint.