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By the 1950's, more than half of movie productions were filmed in color. The rise in color production, Hollywood came up with wide screen motion pictures. The first widescreen process was Cinerama and appeared in 1952. A small number of films were shot in Cinerama. In 1954, CinemaScope emerged and became extremely popular with audiences.

☮ American Hippie Art ~ Peace Sign .. The Hippies Were Right

american graffitti - Bing Images

1965 ... "Lost in Space" Dr. Smith and the Robot!

1969 ad for 8-track tapes

Vintage Drag Racing

One of my favorite TV shows EVER

Verne Gagne vs. Danny McShain for NWA Junior Heavy Weight World Championship. 11-19-1951 McShain won this Wrestling match & Title. (D.D.)


Andy Taylor and Barney Fife keeping the world (or maybe just Mayberry) safe for democracy).


Photo from the Wally Parks NHRA Museum in Pomona, California

Dick Clark appears in this ad

Herman's Hermits

1960s | What Flying Was Like In The 1960s

playing outside until the streetlights came on...

Margo, who sold pinwheels at the corner of Maxwell and Halsted, August 1963 (Chicago Pin of the Day, 5/28/2015).

Car hauler fail

Schedule for the 50's Housewife, this is not too different from my schedule although its a bit more well organized than mine.

Laverne and Shirley. I used to watch this every night when I was little it came on Nick at Night and TV Land. It's still one of my favorites

Roy Rogers and Hopalong Cassidy. Photo looks to be from the late '30s or very early '40s.

for rainy days....lmao

Be-Bop Glasses #Vintage #glasses

U.S. St. Louis heat wave, 1954