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Cute little baby shih tzu puppy in hand. Click the pic for more awww

Cuteness - maltipoo

Fauna's Maltipoo, Maltepoo, Maltese Poodle Hybrid Puppies for Sale - Puppy Breeders Specializing in Healthy, Beautiful Mixed Breeds.

morkie by Christy Elise

morkie - maltese yorkie mix Otis needs a friend! Then we would have a Morkie and a Yorkie-poo


The latest Yorkie hairstyle

Did Shih Tzus inspire the Ewoks .

it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok it's a shihtzu. dressed as an ewok

East Texas Strays and Shelter Pets needing our help!

teacup pomeranian husky - Google Search


Dogs and Puppies : Dogs - Image : Dogs and Puppies Photo - Description Micro Husky Teacup

Check out those braids

Pigtail braids on a dog?


micro mini yorkie :)My yorkie is all grown up and I still think she is cute. This yorkie is still a baby, so he will change a bit in the next few months. By virtue of the fact that he is a yorkie he will always be a cutie!

Snow ball

Pomeranian- I would name it Cotton! The little cutie looks like a cotton ball! Cotton can come home with me any day!

"Morkie" - Maltise Yorkie by ollie

A Morkie (Maltese/yorkie mix) Sooo gotta find me one of these! I want one soooo bad!

An dir ist einfach alles goldig, zum Verlieben ❤❤! Du süsser süsser süsser knuffiger Schatz! ☺

Teacup Maltese, this little guy doesn't even look real!

Imperial Shih Tzu pups.  Soooo cute!  Up to 7lbs as adults.  I'm in love!

Teacup shih tzu so cute!

Jazzy female. Simply adorable! Previous Glory Ridge litter.

Shih Tzu - Affectionate and Playful

I want this dog soooo bad!

Shih Tzus are true companion dogs. Bred for centuries to be man’s best friend, it is no wonder that Shih Tzu puppies are amongst the most popular of toy breeds. #ShihTzu

Shih Tzu Puppies

A cute little fluffy shih tzu. How I want a puppy !

Shih Tzu dock workers

Dog Names: Cute Names For Your Male Or Female Puppy

ewoks in hats