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That kick from Shinsuke Nakamura did a lot of damage.

Language is not neutral. The words used by a person determine their attitude and experience. This is done through their ideology, which is expressed through language. Ideology can be considered as a world view, something that reveals attitude and identity about the person that is writing.

6 Steps To Help Your Child with Aggression from Other Kids - @Emily Turner would have been good info for that incident at the library...

Jeez Bazarov. Take it easy ... I think this is also how Fenichka feels when she wakes up alone to take care of the baby. (repined from Fenichka)

Please Please learn this as a truth..Parents best weapon is to stay calm, leave them wondering and let them build the worst in their mind....once you show your emotions or give a hint then their minds begin to figure out how to approach you and how to get around you...not personal just how the teen mind works

I've learned in life that there are people who excel at tearing others down rather than building them up. They tend to focus on your mistakes and flaws rather than on your achievements and talents. At the end of the day, their negative attitude is their problem; not yours. Never let a miserable person steal your joy and break your spirit. Simply choose to shine so bright, that your haters need shades!!

If you disrespect me or my family, then I will disrespect you right back! Not putting up with bullshit any longer. Things have to change and they will.

Kids Who Ignore Consequences - 10 Ways to Make Them Stick (written more for pre-teens & older but could still apply to my boys now)

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