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If Jordan doesn't like Star Wars when he gets older, he's totally getting a Super Hero room based on this mood board. There's a great idea for the closet too. #thehandmadehome

Confederate uniform. This is only one form of the many uniforms that the Confederacy used for their forces. The variety was a result of the multitudes of location, a limitation on several resources for clothing, and often many confederate soldiers used the clothes they possessed at home.The uniforms did, however, vary between the common soldier and an officer, with the officer's rank emblazoned on their shoulder as customary. In addition, compared to the Union, they travelled lighter.

25 Ways To Have The Most Patriotic 4th Of July Party

Super hero snack--these came out cute. Don't use yellow melts though bc they come out ugly. We used red, blue, white, and black with a variety of superhero colored sprinkles. TOOOOO cute.

“Turtle Ukiyo-e” for MONDO Here’s my other Mondo poster for the Nick Show. It’s an ukiyo-e inspired design. Ninjas didn’t really run around dressed up as ‘ninjas’, would defeat the purpose of the...