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baby and mama polar bear

Female polar bear cub Anori plays with its mother Vilma in their outdoor enclosure at the Zoo in Wuppertal, Germany, on, Thursday, March Anori was born January 4 and left the birth cave for the first time today.

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It appears that polar bears enjoy a beautiful sunset too! This mama bear cuddles with her adorably small cub while the sun sets in the orange and pink sky.

Polar Bear and cubs leave den - Photos - Polar bear and cubs emerge from their den

Safe and secure: A polar bear cub nuzzles up to its mother against a gorgeous sunset.


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Polar Bears are now on the endangered species list.  Why? Because our ice caps are melting and they are drowning because they are having to swim further and further to rest.

HELP SAVE THE POLAR BEARS! The polar ice caps are melting due to global warming and they are dying at a rapid rate! Help save them and do your part!

my pit bull actually does this same thing when it snows. i love polar bears, so cute

Baby Polar Bear in the Snow for the First Time.I love baby polar bears, they are SO cute!