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    The Amount Of Sugar In Food, Expressed In SugarCubes - more healthy things:

  • Linda Madden

    SUGAR CUBE PICTORIAL! HOW MUCH SUGAR IS IN EVERYDAY STUFF YOU EAT! Fit, Fruit, Nutrition, Stuff, Sugar Cubes, Food, Healthy, Garden, Perspective

  • Sharon Woods

    For some people seeing is believing. Compare your food and drink to sugar cubes, Eat smart. #Nutrition #Health Interesting - guessing game with kids? good lesson for all

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This is a sugar cube representation of how much sugar is in each item. Interesting, no?

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get-fit-4--Inspiration. I believe this is a pic of the amount of sugar cubes per item.

HOW MUCH SUGAR ARE YOU CONSUMING? Interesting! I knew about the "coke".....Yuck!! Glad I don't drink it!

Interesting visual guide - this is up in the kids dentist office and the girls were fascinated by it. There does need to be an explanation about processes sugar vs. natural sugars though as it would make it seem like fruits are bad if you follow this visual guides

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