This is so smart!

Smart! Assuming the pegs are adjustable, can customize to fit whatever dishes you have!

Kitchen Drawer Organization.

Pop up power strip

trash bag storage under sink - genius!

diy Design Fanatic: DIY Storage ~ How To Store Your Stuff

silverware storage

DIY Pots and Pans Organization

Flip a wire shelf over and install at an angle to keep your storage bins.

Custom DIY kitchen drawer organizer for less than $2

Kitchen storage inspiration via Thekitchn.

Pull-out drawers in linen closet

Isn't this just amazing??!!! You have your dinner party and you can keep your dishes warm whilst you wait for them to arrive or keep the surplus warm!!! Love it.

This pull out drawer under kitchen cabinet is perfect for storing knives.

Ikea kitchen storage solutions

Corner drawers... heck YES... I NEED one of these #Kitchen, #Hacks, #ForTheHome.

this is genius. need this. ikea shoe drawers! i'll take 4.

Puzzle cutting boards.... Love this.... would be great too for little house parties

Creative Counter Space