I need this in my life.

The Hobbit Bilbo Baggins : I'm going on an adventure mustard and cream printed T-shirt.someone must find me this shirt.

I know.

What I want to say every time I eat at Moe's - "I Know That Guacamole Is Extra"

Corset, 1876, American, via The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York    Known as the 'Bon Ton', this corset was awarded the bronze medal at the Centennial Exposition. The fine embroidery representing traditional motifs of oak leaves and wheat ears symbolize well-being and prosperity.

Corset Royal Worcester Corset Company (American, Date: 1876 Culture: American Medium: silk, cotton, metal, bone Dimensions: Length at CF (a): 13 in.

I feel like this would save me a whole lot of explanation and apologizing!

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It pisses me off that people think this is funny. Eating disorders aren't lifestyle choices and joking about them doesn't make people understand them at all.

I Tried Being Anorexic

Curvy Actress Kat Dennings of 2 Broke Girls cracks the curvy girl quote of the day, “I tried being anorexic for four hours and then I was like, I need some bagels.