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Pokemon alphabet. Articuno, bulbasuar, charmander, dratini, eggsecutor, farfetch'd, garados, hitmochan, igglybuff, jirachi, kingler?, lapras, moltres, ninetails, onyx, pika, 2nd evolution of wooper...., rapidash, squirtle tetacruel, unknown, ve-something, weepingbell, xatu?, yanma, zaptos.

Hyperrealistic 3D Illustrations of Pokémon Characters

Pokemon as people from Pokemon. AWESOME! But if Meowth is supposed to be Colress, Colress is part of Team Plasma, not Team Rocket.

It's all fun and games until your Squirtle becomes a Blastoise.

Gotta Squee at 'em All. How did there get to be this many? When I was your age, there were 4 options to evolve.

If Link, Zelda, and Ganon was Pokemon trainers

All Gen VI Pokémon So Far... They all vaguely resemble previous generation Pokemon...

Do Your Parents Know Each Pokémon's Name? Interesting, I wonder what mine thinks of their names xD