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MS Multiple Sclerosis Gremlins

Why do these all say "CURE MS"? There is so much more money to be made keeping me sick! I'm no dummy!

29 Things Only Someone with MS Would Understand

You take your multiple sclerosis (MS) seriously, but sometimes you just have to laugh about it, right? Read on for a look at 29 things only someone with MS would understand.

Multiple Sclerosis Ideas to help you get through the day. If your house bound or so fatigued or Heat Intolerent - Dont give up your not alone. Theres a world of Craft Ideas, from simple starters that give you a feeling of accomplishment.


Multiple Sclerosis Assassin

MS quote Ann Romney - So True - take a time out & wait until your legs want to cooperate, tomorrow is another day

MS Awareness--Love This One!