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JRC NRD-515 + NDH-518 + NVA-515+CFL-230+CFL-260

National Panasonic RF-8000

TOSHIBA TRYX2000 Band scan of night

VICTOR FR-6600 #2

Fairhaven RD500


Pan Crusader - Pan International


National RF-2200 / DR-22 tuned to R. Australia, Shepparton.

The Secure Communicator is essentially a smartphone built into a watch. The device allows users to make and receive phone calls and install Android apps directly on watch face.

Décollage en simulateur Airbus A320 à Tours - Avion de ligne - YouTube

Tour de piste + atterrissage IMC LFLB | Airbus A320 Aviasim

Nouveau logo de la Ville de Tours

Garmin Tactix Outdoor watch

Garmin Tactix Oper watch ...

ipod iphone charging station with speakers from vintage radio test equipment - would be a fun to have this in my ham shack to charge my iPhone while I'm down there.

DeLorme inReach 2-Way Satellite Communicator for Apple iOS and Android.

Solar iPhone charger for on the go!

Ham Radio Cheat Sheet~ Just in case the next CME doesn't knock it out after you pull it out of your farday cage, right?

SRT-14 Navy HF Transmitter

Vintage Hombrew Crystal Radio