Wooden hair clip / spring / to hold a lot of hair into a knot and firmly it attach to the head. The shape of the clip is designed to be flexible. Hair is pushed inwards and hairstyle is reinforced by assembling skewer. There is no need for rubber bands or pins. Hairstyle with clasp holds perfectly. It is lightweight, strong and flexible.

HPstylstudio: Hair clips

HPstylstudio: Hair clips

DIY~~ wrapped Hair clip tutorial

Wooden pin will create a hairstyle in a few seconds. Needle is shaped like a screw, so just a simple twist will tighten a hairstyle. Wood itself does not tear your hair, does not slide, and it is very gentle to your hair. May be also shorter.

origami butterfly hair clip!

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Copper hair slide metal hair pin. hair clip wire by kapelika, $20.00

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HPstylstudio: Hair clips

Hair pin

DYI bohemian hair pin. So cute. I can even see using other stuff besides the feathers that would look good in this design.

bobby pins | triangle

DYI Hair Clips DIY Hair Accessories

DIY Hair Clips: DIY Hair Accessories: If you want to learn how to make hair clips, here are 10 tutorials to help you get started. As you experiment, you will soon figure out different techniques and start making your own designs your way. Enjoy!

Cute and sticks with the pin up theme!

The shape of the needles in ebony hair is simple and shows off the beauty of ebony. The needles are thin and wedge- shaped. It makes them light. / Ebony wood is hard / The head of the pin is decorated in different colors.

Very pretty

Infinite Love - Celtic Knot work in Olive Wood Hair Pin, Two Pronged Handmade Hair Stick, Handcarved, Eco-friendly hair accessories

Romantic wooden clasp decorates your hairstyle for any occasion. Very good grip, easy to adjust to any hairstyle and it is very light. Buckle has a strong vault on both sides the top and the bottom. It creates a compact unit with hair. Hairstyle looks fine and youthful.