Hot Chocolate cups. This would be a cool way to serve my Valentines Day dessert (Cherries Jubilee with house made chocolate ice cream).

Receta de Tarta de Queso y Yogurt. 250 gr de queso mascarpone. 3 huevos. 2 yogures naturales griegos. 2 envases de yogur llenos de leche (125 gr. cada uno). 2 envases llenos de harina con levadura. 2 envases llenos de azúcar.

Mom's Famous Marshmallow Brownies from Six Sisters' Stuff | Our mom gets asked to bring these brownies to every single social gathering! This is one of the best desserts!

Nigel’s Hot Chocolate Pudding, a photo by Le Petrin on Flickr. I defy anyone–even you who have suffered the overindulgence of the recent holidays–to not look at that photograph and drool all over yourself. That, my fellow Britophiles, is a chocolate pudding–a hot chocolate pudding, to be exact–and it’s got your name on it. The ingredient list...

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