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He always has used money to control, like his ex wife said "money rules him!". But it's not ruling him it's how he views it, how he uses it as yet another way to control be it via enticement of promised gifts & lifestyle, or to punish by withdrawing to put u at financial risk. He also spends lavishly on himself whilst u & the kids struggle.

Купальник на примерке и купальник в готовом виде - это большая разница) Никак не привыкну к грустным глазам маленьких клиенток на примерке купальника без страз, ведь всё, что не сверкает - автоматически некрасиво хоть не показывай никому Зато как преображается он потом Вот прекрасный пример))

I’ve always been the sort of person who prefers a clear destination to the uncertain, winding journey. Before I take a risk, I like to know it will end exactly as I envisioned, a perfect plan leading to a perfect outcome. This, you’ve no doubt already surmised, has hindered my ability to see how a detour might actually present a never-before-thought-of possibility. So I marvel at how someone like Bridget Ambrose gracefully embraces experimentation, honors the need for unexpected changes…

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SUNDAY. I'm so grateful for what I get to do & for all your continual support and kind words towards what I share with you all. Appaaaaarently there are 83 days left till Christmas & the magazines are popping up with decor ideas already! I'm incredibly thrilled to have our last year's Christmas featured within 9 gorgeous pages in the November issue of @styleathome magazine... Plus an unexpected surprise seeing it on the cover too!!! What a thrill is was shooting this with @tracey_ayton a day…