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    One of the easiest things to do to get a positive change in your alpacas attitude and performance is to pay attention to halter fit. A well fitting halter should fit well up on the nose bone and stay there NO MATTER WHAT and still offer room in the nose band for movement of the jaw.

    Teaching your camelid to target using a clicker and treats is a great way to both have fun and teach your animal a very useful behavior. You can use the target to position your animal, to self load in a trailer, to stand further away from you if he or she is becoming too forward and a lot more!

    Well, hello!

    The motherload of EASY crochet tutorials and projects! WOW !!! CHECK THIS OUT YOU WONT BELIEVE HOW MANY !!!! YEAAAAAA

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    Alpaca lunch

    raw fleece is cleaned and then spun into yarn, which makes naturally warm and light , long lasting soft garments. p.s. this is how your grandma did it :)

    we breed for fineness, crimp and density. this is a beautiful fleece still on the alpaca...

    raw alpaca fleece, can you see why I love it!

    alpaca...renewable resource

    playin' in the snow!

    sweetest time of the day...

    Black is beautiful!

    This is called "fiber blind"...or I call it squeezy much dense fiber it covers their eyes...

    How to build an alpaca

    rose grey, one of my favorite colors...

    the dam gently blows on the crias tushy to stimulate the nursing response !

    all the beautiful natural colors of Alpaca!

    yummy yarn

    after shearing of their luxurious fiber, they have skinny necks :)

    don't try this at home!

    I am a llama!

    doesn't he look like Prince?