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catholic kid problems

uugghh like, for real! why did they change all that up? i spent 29 years saying it one way, and now the Catholic Church has changed it.

to anyone, girls or  guys, if you keep asking yourselves "Why me “," why do they keep treating me this way", "what did I do to deserve this?"    Or the many other things you ask,,, just think of this..... "why do you allow people to treat you this way?"  STAND UP FOR YOURSELF, DEMAND RESPECT OR WALK THE HELL AWAY AND NEVER LOOK BACK

slow down: When you stop chasing the wrong things, You give the right things a chance to catch you.

Love is not perfect.  It's so much more. #lovequotes #marriagequotes  For more encouragement, please visit: http://www.everythingsahm.net/

It isn't a fairytale or a storybook and it doesn't always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. I love this quote

It just does Mom. I can't explain why it feels so good to be a gangster.

Feels good to be a gangster. I laughed. Hope you did too. It just does, Mom. I can' t explain why it feels so good to be a gangster.

Well....maybe the fourth lol

Just kidding I'm on my cupcake. Just kidding I hate cupcakes. Just kidding I live for cupcakes. Just kidding I live for veggies. Just kidding veggies make me sick. Just kidding millennials make me sick.