Learn How To DIY This Awesome Geometric Necklace (Thanks To A Crafty Reader)

While we can't help but daydream (and, well, night-dream, too) about all the chic goodies we see all day long, there's nothing we love more than getting down and dirty with a DIY project that lets us create those super-luxe looks for way less. So, consider us inspired by this video tutorial sent to
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Rope bowl. Love it!

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tutorial for a homemade knot pillow



DIY wall art using post-its. "Folding Unfolding" A design for The Avian Project. blog.moonberry.com/

DIY!!! Love it


Fun DIY Craft Ideas - 43 Pics #DIY #Bangkok #Art #Handicraft #Kids

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Brilliant idea - why did I not ever think of this?

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Simone my sister made me one of these this Christmas. I just remembered!

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How to make book planters.

DIY Rug from yarn and cardboard tutorials I'm gonna try this with all my yarn from my frustrating failed attempts at knitting scarves n whatnot :p

Arm Knitting Scarf. This takes so little time that if you had the yarn on hand you could make a scarf before you had to go somewhere!

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diy hemp bracelets with pearls (includes a link at the bottom to the original website -in Russian- with larger photos)

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