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There are some people.

Hmmmm. Define "pro." | I work at Sally's. Trust me, I'm a pro. | hair humor | bad hair | hairdresser | hairstylist | cosmetology

This is what you end up looking like when you listen to the clerk at sallys bahahahaaaaa! Call me ill fix it! They are NOT licensed!

Is this real life....because this is totally my life

But now that I've got my period, hold me & tell me I'm pretty.

things that make you go hhmmm....

SO DAMN TRUE! My husband sister! 3 kids, on food stamps & works at a gas station, lol! She's only But no matter what she'll manage to get some ridiculous new tattoo, lol!


I got 99 problems and money could solve at least 73 of them.

You have no idea how often I want to say this to ppl

I dedicate this to the woman today who spent an hour telling me why she supports the republican party.

Dump A Day Funny Quotes From Pinterest (25 Pics)

Robert Downey Jr Quote: I Don’t Drink These Days I Am Allergic To Alcohol And Narcotics.

I just love this lady's hair and I'll never be as elegant as she is right now in this ecard

All these anti-welfare things piss me off. Do people really think pointing it out is going to help things? Maybe you should be the change you want to se in the world. Figure out why those people are on welfare in the first place.


There's no stronger sunscreen than sitting in a bar. you know know me know im crazy about my sunscreen!

You had a bad day? You poor little thing. Did a naked man eat your face off? No? Then shut the fuck up with your shit.

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: You had a bad day? Did a naked man eat your face off? Then shut the fuck up with your shit.