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  • Susan Eastburn

    Kids will learn about fossils in this worksheet. Help your child learn about the scientific method by getting him to examine a fossilized dinosaur skeleton.

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Kids learn the elements of nonfiction when they play nonfiction Bingo! Run a weekly nonfiction contest! Laminate for future use. priced item

Prefix Pet. What a cute bulletin board activity!! Adorable and free!

Sentence frames/starters to provide evidence and explanations. (Common Core)

Very simple and effective way for making and storing anchor charts.

Author's Purpose Game and Cards. Great way to practice!! Could play as a whole class or in a station

Narrative Writing This Acronym is for you Christa

Teaching Moments: AngryAngry Verbs is a good idea to do for school.

Angry Verbs and a CURRENTLY

I am not taking any credit for this video. It's posted on Teacher Tube. Just wanted to make a playlist with all the wonderful parts of speech videos.

punctuation and my voice..Amazing! This is extremely helping for me because I could better explain how and when to use punctuation and voice in my classroom. I hope my students will enjoy this activity because it is a funnier way to learn. They will gain enjoyment while they are becoming better in Language Arts/ English.

Procedure for papers (students generated list)

3rd grade labels for interactive math notebooks. All 3rd grade math standards for common core. 2 freebies for you when you download the preview. $

*FREEBIE* ALL 3rd Grade Common Core ELA standards listed on 1 PAGE! This includes reading, language, writing, and speaking/listening standards. #commoncore #3rdgrade #commoncorereading

Persuasive sentence starters

Common & Proper Noun Rap... hilarious and I think the kiddos would like it too.

Misspelling homophones makes even the best writing look poorly done. The trick to learning these tricky words is practice, practice, practice! This 40 task card resource is the second in a set of three resources that will help your students practice homophones, not only with task cards, but with worksheets, a quiz and a game. Six sets of thigh frequency homophones are included in this resource (new, knew, tail, tale, knight, night, its, it's, here, hear, write, right). $

TEACHERS! This is a great video explaining different parts of a non-fiction book: headings, sub-headings, captions, diagrams, glossary, the difference between fiction and non-fiction etc. The video is 6:32 long.

What’s the Message? Making Sense of Common Core terminology in Reading Standard 2 | On the Web with Roz Linder | Common Core Made Easy | Sco...

Teaching Point of View using Pictures!

Main Idea Foldable... Elementary Paper Folding Flap Books For All Subject Areas! Just print, fold, cut and you are ready to go! This unit now has a Table of Contents and Optional Lined Inserts for each foldable! NOW 734 PAGES! $

Free Study Skill Graphic Organizer: Compare and Contrast Concepts

Cause and Effect Worksheet 1

Cause and effect anchor chart!

Cause and Effect with Camila Cream; an art and literature lesson to go with the picture book 'A Bad Case of Stripes' by David Shannon. #ArtsEd Visual Art and ELA English Language Arts Lesson.